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~K. Mitch Hodge, M.A., Ph.D.~

Dr. K. Mitch Hodge

Dr. K. Mitch HodgeDr. Mitch Hodge is among a growing group of scholars who study religion from an interdisciplinary perspective. Although primarily focused on philosophical and cognitive approaches to religion, Dr. Hodge has incorporated anthropological, aesthetic, and social psychological approaches into his research--to wit, he is interested in the psychologically embodied, imaginative, social processes involved in religious beliefs and practices. To date, Dr. Hodge's research has investigated cognitive foundations of afterlife beliefs, mythology, mystical experiences (including near-death experiences), and the psychologically intuitive pull in philosophical and theological arguments for the existence of God, the afterlife, and creationism (of all varieties). To further his research, Dr. Hodge is proud to be a research associate at Levyna--The Laboratory for Experimental Research of Religion at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

Dr. Hodge's research has been widely published and cited in both academic and popular domains. His work was recently cited as exemplar for a international research grant, The Immortality Project, which is a worldvvide collaboration of scholars across disciplines to investigate afterlife beliefs. Additionally, his research has been discussed in recent international popular science publications, including Jesse Bering's The God Instinct, and Matthew Hutson's The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking.

Dr. Hodge's broader research interests include philosophy of mind, cognitive science, cognitive anthropology, psychology, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, aesthetics and epistemology.Put generally, Dr. Hodge is deeply fascinated and interested in how humans (attempt to) make sense of the world around them.

Dr. Hodge attained bachelors degrees in both philosophy and classical studies and a masters degree in humanities (with focuses on philosophy of mind and mythology) from The University of Texas Arlington, and attained his Ph.D. from the Institute of Cognition and Culture at Queen's Unversity Belfast. He has been honored to have studied under world-leading scholars such as Professors E. Thomas Lawson (the father of the cognitive science of religion), Graham Macdonald, Jesse Bering, Paulo Sousa, Joseph Bastien, and Charles Nussbaum.

Although Dr. Hodge's primary passion and hobby is his research, he also enjoys programming and tinkering with computers, travelling, and throwing the ball for his pet dog Heidi Monster. Additionally, he was a professional magician for several years, and occassionally enjoys pulling his tricks out of the bag to entertain others. He currently lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland with his wife, Tracy, their dog Heidi Monster, and their adopted horse Conker. He is currently working on additional publications, including two books.

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